Meeting goals

Gamma-Cas is the first identified Be star and one of the first extra solar X-ray sources discovered. However, it became soon clear that its very hard and luminous X-ray emission was at strong variance with that observed from the bulk of Be stars. Galactic X-ray surveys led to the discovery of a handful of Be stars with similar X-ray properties and sharing a narrow range of characteristics.

The origin of the outstanding X-ray emission of Gamma-Cas and its analogs is one of the most vexing issue in X-ray stellar astrophysics. Magnetic interaction between the early type star and the decretion disc compete with accretion scenarios to explain these outstanding features. Both explanations have deep astrophysical implications on massive star evolution.

The goal of the meeting is to inform the stellar community of the "Gamma-Cas" phenomenon and confront the different views put forward to explain this salient behaviour. 


The meeting will take place in the historical building of the Strasbourg's Observatory (France), September 3-5 2018. 

Invited Speakers



Scientific Organizing Commitee

Christian Motch (chair)
Yaël Nazé
Lida Oskinova
Myron Smith
Jose Miguel Torrejon

 Local Organizing Commitee

Ada Nebot
Christian Motch 
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